Terms & Conditions

Payment of Fees
Term fees are payable in advance; It is a basic condition of attendance at the school that fees are payable before or at the latest, on the first day of each term. An invoice will be made available at the end of each term in respect of the forth- coming term fees unless we have received notification that your child’s place at the school is no longer required. Term fees do not include fees for exams, private lessons or the Summer Workshop. Fees in respect of the Summer Workshop, which is optional are shown separately.

Enrolment Deposit
A £25 non-refundable deposit is required with a completed enrolment form to secure a place for new admissions. This deposit will be deducted against the first terms fees. Current students are automatically allocated a class place for the following term. As there is a waiting list for many classes, we would kindly request parents to notify us by half term if they will be withdrawing their child.

Examinations & Assessments
If you agree to your child being entered for examinations, your child will be expected to attend twice weekly during the term in which their examination takes place to ensure they are well prepared. The alternative is to receive a Royal Academy of Dance Assessment which is an overall appraisal of your child’s ballet progress carried out by an examiner. An assessment certificate is also issued to give your child the due recognition for their hard work and achievement.

Exam & Assessment Fees
Exam fees will vary depending on the examination authority and dance level. You will be notified of the cost in advance of an examination (which is optional). Exam/Assessment fees must be paid in advance of the notified date (of exam) and are Non refundable if your child is absent for any reason other than illness. In the event your child is ill, the Royal Academy of Dance will make a 50% refund of the fee if a signed Doctor’s certificate is presented. Please be aware that most Doctors charge for certificates.

In the event of illness or unavoidable absences, refunds can not be paid but lessons can be made up by attending alternative classes.